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Vayusa’s technology platform works on existing infrastructure, thereby providing immediate accessibility to markets and consumers. Vayusa is also the first to provide an end-to-end electronic transaction processing system leveraging e-mail, SMS, and voice channels.

Mid Term Case Study: Vayusa Ajay Bam has the makings to be a great business man because he understands how important titles and previous accomplishments are when trying to break into a field.

Case Just Us! is a corporation that imports, roasts and sells primarily organic coffee from fair traded certified coffee producers. Their vision is: “to be a leading Fair Trade business that builds on quality, professionalism and innovation for the benefit of all our stake holders.

This case contains a manageable amount of material but presents the opportunity to consolidate the material covered to date in the course.

Vayusa In the fall ofAjay and fellow MBA Walter Stock were meeting at Starbucks to brainstorm consumer applications for mobile technology. New Venture Development and Management Ajay Bam Case Study I. Introduction Vayusa Company is a high-potential business which provides payment method through mobile phone.

Case Study on Ajay NCIIA who awarded Vayusa a grant of $12,; Babson College which give him $8, seed funding; Nick Epperson who is a former CMO at VeriFone and chief technical architect who designed the VeriFone box; Phuc Truong who has a lot of merchant contacts.

Vayusa case
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