Slug line screenwriting app android

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Fountain Apps

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Screenwriting software

Slugline. Slugline is a screenwriting app that uses Fountain as its native format. Available for Mac and iOS. Writer is a free Fountain writing app for Mac, available on the Mac App Store and GitHub. An Android app for rehearsing scripts that can import and export Fountain files.

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What is a slug?

Nov 07,  · Description. The highest-rated screenwiting app on the Mac App Store comes to iOS!

screenwriting app?

Slugline is a minimal, distraction-free environment for the most important part of screenwriting /5(21). Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (ドラゴンボールZ 神と神 Doragon Bōru Zetto: Kami to Kami, lit. "Dragon Ball Z: God and God") is the eighteenth Dragon Ball movie and the fourteenth under the Dragon Ball Z brand.

It premiered in Japanese theaters on March 30, It is the first animated Dragon Ball movie. Slugline's motto, "Simply Screenwriting," is apt because the software is, at its core, a simple word processor that converts your documents into the screenplay format.

The Simplest Way to Write a Movie

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Slug line screenwriting app android
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