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Now would you all please post for the National Anthem. InSamberg delivered the Class Day speech at Harvard University, and starred with Adam Sandler in That's My Boy and Hotel Transylvania (a role he reprised for Hotel Transylvania 2).

Cari Blog Ini Key Of Mind "Andy Samberg". Here are some of the highlights from Samberg's Class Day speech at Harvard University Wednesday. Here are some of the highlights from Samberg's Class Day speech at Harvard University Wednesday.

Learn English with Bill Gates Speech at Harvard Commencement Address - English Subtitle. / Learn English with Bill Gates Speech at Harvard Commencement Address - English.

Sacha Baron Cohen, in the persona of bad boy rapper Ali G, amused Harvard's Class of at Class Day ceremonies Wednesday, June 9 in. Transcript and Video of Speech by Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer, Facebook.

May 18, commencement. Share: And as I am reminded every single day where I work, that makes me really old. I went to the Treasury Department because I was lucky to take the right professor’s class who took me to Treasury.

Transcript of Andy Samberg's speech anaylis * Asked to give speech, not a motivational speaker. * Humor * Memorable * Illusion of good time * Facetious * Bathos (At times formal) Aspects of Class day Speeches * Slightly humorous * Compelling & Persuasive advice * Relatable story * Usually, only students are present.

Andy Samberg Samberg class day speech
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Andy Samberg Class Day speech at Harvard