Pinetree motel case solution

Pinetree Case Solution

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Pinetree Motel

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We are the only authentic and the largest case study solution website on the internet. Jan 09,  · Hotel’s response: “ we did share with you that the light issue was a problem that needed a part replaced, which was going to take some time to receive and that we did offer you a room move, to which we were told that you would prefer to stay in your current room and that we were to remove the light bulb instead.

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Case 1 — Pinetree Motel* Case 1 — Pinetree Motel* Mr. and Mrs. Yong Kim had purchased the Pinetree Motel in with their life savings, supplemented by a loan from a close personal friend.

The motel consisted of 20 units (i.e., rentable rooms) and was located near a vacation area that was popular during both the summer and winter seasons.

Pinetree Motel Case Solution. Assignment #1 (The Good Night Motel) When making his decision, McGregor should consider seriously the negative consequences that his business will experience if he refuses Alward’s offer to fill the motel for the two weekend nights in October, at half the room rate.

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Pinetree motel case solution
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