Maxillofacial prothesis

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orthopedic prosthesis

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Oral health in Kenya Jacob T.

Requirements to Be a Prosthetic Designer

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Refine Your Filters. The glossary of prosthodontic terms defines an obturator as a “a maxillofacial prosthesis used to close a congenital or acquired tissue opening, primarily of the hard palate and/or contiguous alveolar/ soft tissue structures.” 3 There are open and close bulb obturators which will reduce the weight of the prothesis.4 Open bulb obturator.

Narrow or expand your results with filters by Physician Type, Distance, Clinical Interest, Language and more. Refine Your Filters. There are a number of forms and information brochures you may need when dealing with a person with a transport related injury. A comprehensive list of these brochures and forms is available here.

Maxillofacial prothesis
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