Hydrostatic force on a plane surface

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The plan is to use Micro Maxx rocket motors which are 1/20 scale 5" = 1/4", these are inexpensive, relatively safe, and come 8 to a pack - enough for one launcher. 1 ME - SDSU 1 ME Laboratory Exercise –Number 7 Hydrostatic Pressure ME Department, SDSU Kassegne HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE Objective The two objectives of this experiment are: a.

To determine the hydrostatic thrust acting on a plane surface immersed in water when the. if I have some arbitrary plane surface of arbitrary shape, arbitrary inclination, what is the magnitude of the resultant hydrostatic force acting?

Where does it act, and what is the direction of the resultant force? Measure the pressure force acting on the plane surface for two water depths, and compare the measured forces with calculated forces. ) BACKGROUND The hydrostatic force on any surface is due to the fluid pressure acting on that surface, as shown in Fig.

Hydrostatic force on a plane surface
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Calculus II - Hydrostatic Pressure and Force