Freshers party chief guest speech

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Honouring Chief Guest With Momentoty Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2018

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Freshers Party for First Year B. Pharm Students on 1st September Dr. Anubha Khale addressed the crowd with her inspiring speech. Introduction of the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor was given by Mrs.

Hema Kanekar and Dr. Anagha Raut respectively. Principal and magazine committee members of the institute. The cultural events like. It is proper etiquette to welcome an individual or group to an organization with a welcome speech: It is a formality that makes people feel welcomed, supported, and motivated.

Take the time to write one, and you will instantly win over the support and affection of a crowd. Welcome speech for freshers in college?

Welcome speech for freshers party? How do you give a welcome speech to the honourable chief guest on. As in the welcome speech, you should thank everyone in order of importance.

For a formal function, it is best to thank the chief guest first, then the dignitaries on the dais, then the people in the front row, and then everybody down the hall. I don’t have shayaris with me but I have written a freshers party anchoring speech compete guide.

There I have discussed all dos and don’ts for speech preparation and delivery. There I have discussed all dos and don’ts for speech preparation and delivery.

Welcome speech must address all the guests and the chief guests of the event (if any) thanking them for being present and giving the auspicious event their valuable attention. Make proper introductions of the Chief guests and hosts along with the motive of the function to achieve more attention and appreciation.

Freshers party chief guest speech
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