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ELT planning

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Cambridge CELTA Courses and Certification, Delta Course Modules and other Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses in over centres worldwide since NATIVE PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH TEACHERS. We are recruiting native English teachers to work as teachers in Company, adult & young learner groups.

Ideally we are seeking this candidates: Team worker, Flexibility, Good presentation, High communication skills, written and spoken Spanish to intermediate level, TEFL, CELTA or TESOL is an advantage. The language survives in many of the distinctive place names of Cornwall, Tre as in Trebetherick and Trelissick and many more Cornish place names means a homestead and its nearby buildings.

Celta is the name of the University of Cambridge initial Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. It is considered to be the essential minimum requirement for employment in most quality language schools around the world.

Celta Assignment 1 Language Analysis Words | 4 Pages. CELTA Assignment 1 – Language analysis Target statement: He can speak 5 different languages. Analysis a) Meaning To talk about present or ‘general’ ability.

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