California s race based lockdowns

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California’s Race-Based Prison Lockdowns Targeted in Class-Action Lawsuit

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Are California Prisons Punishing Inmates Based on Race?

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California Prisons End Race-Based Punishments

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California prisons to end race-based lockdowns

California prisons enforcing race-based lock downs. The ins and outs of race-based lock downs. The pros and cons.

Inmate News

Justifications. Cultural Diversity & Correctional Facilities. Disparity and Discrimination. Prisoner civil rights. Course of action. Inside California’s Color-Coded, Race-Based Prisons Inside California’s Color-Coded, Race-Based Prisons California is the only state known to use race-based lockdowns.

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This bill would establish the Youth Reinvestment Grant Program within the Board of State and Community Corrections to grant funds, upon appropriation, to local jurisdictions and Indian tribes for the purpose of implementing trauma-informed diversion programs for minors.

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Police are trying to stop what they say is a cycle of crime here in Little Rock. That's why they're speaking out about repeat offenders and partially blaming the problem on overcrowded jails.

California s race based lockdowns
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Complaint says California prisons resort to excessive, race-based lockdowns | KPCC