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John Graunt was born in London, England, on April 24,to Henry Graunt, a storekeeper in Hampshire, and his wife, Mary. The eldest of seven or eight children, Graunt.

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John Graunt, (born April 24,London—died April 18,London), English statistician, generally considered to be the founder of the science of demography, the statistical study of human populations. Born in London, England, on April 24,to Henry, a draper, and Mary Graunt, John was the eldest in a large family, and he eventually took over his father's business, as "haberdasher of small wares," a profession he continued for most of his life.

John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster KG (6 March – 3 February ) was an English prince, military leader, and statesman, the third of five surviving sons of King Edward III of England. Draper was originally a term for a retailer or wholesaler of cloth that was mainly for clothing.

A draper may additionally operate as a cloth merchant or a haberdasher.

Biography john graunt
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