As media coursework magazine analysis

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Magazine Analysis

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Magazine Analysis

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A Powerpoint aimed at introducing how to analyse a magazing front cover for the AQA GCSE Media Assignment 1 coursework. This can be used as an example before pupils choose their own magazine 5/5(2).

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Transcript of A Level Media Studies Magazine Analysis [Masthead] The Masthead of the magazine is written in bold black font, which immediately catches the onlookers attention. The masthead is covered slightly by some of the band members, which gives the impression that KERRANG!

is a well known and widely respected magazine, therefore. A Powerpoint aimed at introducing how to analyse a magazing front cover for the AQA GCSE Media Assignment 1 coursework. This can be used as an example before pupils choose their own magazine to analyse.5/5(2).

During the 5 weeks time, I’ve created 4 pages of my own rock magazine (media coursework). All of my actions were completely aligned with my brief, that I’ve produced before the process of production of my magazine.

50% A2 Media Coursework MS3: MEDIA INVESTIGATION AND PRODUCTION of A2 grade You are required to undertake an individual investigation into a Genre of music. You need to undertake a range of research including primary research (such as textual analysis, content analysis) and secondary research (books.

Double page spread

AS Media Studies Coursework - Magazine Analysis 1. The masthead of this magazine is incredibly bold and bright compared to the rest of the magazine.

As media coursework magazine analysis
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Drew Petrov - Media Coursework: Magazine Analysis (Q Magazine)