A character analysis of antony

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Antony Jay

Mark Antony is a study in contrasts; although he appears to be shallow to those who don't know him, he proves to have depth of character in avenging Caesar's death.

Antony. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis What Happens in Egypt Antony is one of the three leaders of the Roman Empire and a proven soldier. We know him from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar as a former party guy who made his soldierly fortunes at Philippi, when he bested Brutus and Cassius, Julius Caesar’s murderers.

He’s regarded as a noble and formidable soldier in Rome. Statistical analysis of the Open Source Shakespeare texts. Open Source Shakespeare is performing the calculations for the statistics page.

Antony And Cleopatra: Theme Analysis

What are character analyses of Brutus, Antony, Julius Caesar, Octavius Caesar, and Cassius from Click on the enotes link below, and navigate to the section on Character Analysis on the right. A line-by-line dramatic verse analysis of Mark Antony's speech in Act III, scene 2.

A character analysis of antony
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